YES, professional pictures are required for better analysis. The selection of the junior is done on the basis of pictures .It advisable you take pictures in bright light, highlighting the junior and his/her features. The quality of the pictures is not to be compromised
Yes please, a little makeup (little base) is advised for a more polished and professional look. We wish to see how your junior would like in a professional outlook .For further endeavors we have a team of professional makeup artists that will upgrade the look of your junior as we groom them
DEPENDS, even though the world today has gone digital and so have we, we agree that this really is the best way for us to see and evaluate every single person who might be interested in applying. But we also make open calls as and when required.
Absolutely! With offices in major cities of the country, our goal will always be to find undiscovered talent from all around the globe. Take a look at our roster and you’ll see our models truly do live and come from every corner of the country... Our online application process allows us to see the next junior talent no matter where they are from.
Hey, everyone starts somewhere! aims at discovering talent and amateurs are exactly what we’re looking for. In an industry like this, being new, can be an invaluable advantage, so don’t be afraid to give it all.
Yes, there is a fee of 1,00,000 for application.
No, we recognize your obligations to your studies and we always say modeling is a hobby until you finish high school. We take extra care to tailor our schedules and time for all of our young talent around school vacations and summer holidays. And keep putting efforts to prepare them for now and beyond.
Unfortunately, because of high demand it gets difficult to reach out to everyone. However, you need not worry if we feel you’re right for us we will surely be in touch, it might just take a while so is patient.Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us. Remember, god has a lot in store for you but now might not be the right time or you might not be the right age or height. Believe us; we say this with conviction, things change rapidly in this industry so feel free to apply again in the future.