Junior’s Models Management offers a wide range of model management services that readies the junior for the ever-demanding fashion industry. The wide range of services offered by Junior’s Models Management turns around the life of an amateur into a professional model. Junior’s Models Management molds the juniors at a very young age, giving them all the attention and care they need. From the very beginning of their career we hold their hand firm and strong with convection that this program will turn out to be life altering in all aspects including the fashion and modeling world.

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How to apply

Ready to be the Junior Supermodel? Then you're in the right hands !

Junior’s Models Management provides opportunities that lets you and your junior explore the field of kids fashion like never before. Through an extensive program that has been curated especially for young junior models who wish to attract the spotlight on them from the very beginning.To begin with, you don't need any previous experience or a portfolio of expensive professional headshots to apply.

What is the program ?

Models associated with Junior’s Models Management get the right training they need to fulfil their dreams in the fashion and modeling industry from a very young age. Junior’s Models Management aces at molding the juniors through extensive grooming workshops and ramp walk training. Tips and tricks shared with them on confidence building helps them face the audience and camera with utmost style and show the world their true flare.The personality of the juniors is groomed keeping in mind their overall development.


We at Junior’s Models Management, strive hard every day to cater to all your needs and your safety is a matter of prime concern to us .Our association with highly experienced professionals and our trained team adheres to take care of our juniors. Junior’s Models Management ensures a healthy environment for our juniors promoting their proper development.Junior’s Models Management believes and promotes the idea of maintaining a productive & professional environment at all times.


What should i do if i don't have professional photos ?

YES, professional pictures are required for better analysis. The selection of the junior is done on the basis of pictures .It advisable you take pictures in bright light, highlighting the junior and his/her features. The quality of the pictures is not to be compromised.