Inside Junior’s Models Management unique mentorship program, Model Prep, Where industry professionals and veteran models share their expertise and experience with our emerging talent. Round table conversations cover a broad range of subjects as disparate as cyber security and skincare, with an emphasis on gaining practical information and life skills, as well as building community with fellow models.


Models associated with Junior’s Models Management get the training they need to fulfil their dreams in the industry of fashion and modeling from a very young age. Junior’s Models Management aces at coaching the juniors through extensive grooming workshops and ramp walk training. Tips and tricks shared with them on confidence building helps them face the audience and camera with utmost style and show the world their true flare.

The personality of the juniors is groomed keeping in mind their overall development. Skills they learn with Junior’s Models Management make them more organized and they are encouraged to speak what’s on their mind freely .The physical and mental health of the juniors are a matter of prime concern for Junior’s Models Management .Schedules and Training of the juniors include sports and activities that compliment their personality, hobbies and their overall development.

MODEL PREPARATION offers the kids entree to their fashion dreams and prepares you for way beyond just the ramp. Junior’s Models Management readies the juniors through personality grooming sessions, modeling workshops in combination with proficient photo-shoots and ramp walk training. The program grooms the juniors, builds their confidence and imbibes in them the spirit of teamwork and social etiquettes thus, enabling you to show your capacity in full flare.


Get inside Junior’s Models Management extraordinary confidence building program. Where industry’s best confidence boosting experts work on your grooming and build your confidence by sharing exclusive tips, live infotainment sessions and videos. The seminars organized by Junior’s Models Management experts, not only instill confidence in your mind, body & soul but also prepares you to be the next Junior Supermodel.


Your growth and development involve all the changes that your body and mind go through. Being a model, it's really important that you know about these changes. We at Junior’s Models Management take care of your overall development.


We at Junior’s Models Management take care of you just like our very own. Your Health and Wellness, is our prime concern and while preparing you for the industry of spotlight, we ensure that you are both mentally and physically ready! Our wellness program provides you the ultimate guidance to achieve what you aspire for with complete conviction. The seminars and activities conducted by our team of experts cater to all your budding needs and thrive to make your journey hassle free.


Wondering what it takes to look that glamorous? Junior’s Models Management ensures that you receives the most recent and updated details about the ongoing fashion trends and styling tips through interactive sessions , personalized tutorials and style from the industry’s fashion gurus. Junior’s Models Management makes sure that you find your unique style and works relentless keep it professional, fresh and trendy. The style & grooming programs prepares both parents and juniors and helps put all their doubts at bay and make sure you stands out.


Has you been shortlisted to attend a casting for an exciting brand, but you’re not sure how to manage it all? Such moments are a roller coaster of emotions for you but Junior’s Models Management makes sure it’s the time of your life. Our Casing and Career Program ensures that you get the correct guidance by giving you industry’s insight by the casting experts and supermodels. Want some tips on casting advice? Here's what experts have got to say...